Mobile electrical measurement laboratory

    ARMEX offers a package of services for electrical measurement and testing of electrical installations up to 1000V. To serve the customers, the company uses its mobile electrical measurement laboratory which provides routine checks, electrical equipment monitoring, and electric power system troubleshooting. Such measures allow to reduce the risk of accidents and increase service life of equipment.

    • Testing and measurement of electrical installations
    • Safety check of electrical equipment
    • Energy audit

    Major types of offered electrical measurements and tests

    • Assessment of electrical power installation compliance to regulatory technical documentation (visual inspection);
    • Check of circuit between grounding conductors and grounded elements;
    • Check of circuit between grounded installations and grounded installation elements;
    • Measuring resistance of electric device insulation, secondary circuits and electric wiring up to 1kV;
    • Measuring resistance of grounding devices;
    • Measuring soil resistivity;
    • Measuring touch and step voltage;
    • Tripping tests;
    • Testing protection function in power supply system with grounded neutral;
    • Testing (checking) ground fault interrupters (GFIs);
    • Checking phasing of switchgear rated up to 1kV, and its connections;
    • Checking AFS (automatic failover switch) devices;
    • Testing socket fasteners and lamp suspension fixtures;
    • Measuring light level and other illuminating parameters.

    ARMEX mobile laboratory is registered with Rostechnadzor Technological Interregional Department, equipped with modern instrumentation and staffed with personnel certified to perform electrical measurement and tests.

    Stages of electrical measuring

    • Site investigation
    • Site visit and work planning
    • Detection of malfunctions and development of instructions for their elimination
    • Calculation of cost and formation of a contract
    • Taking all required measurements and elimination of malfunctions
    • Generation of Technical report

    Results of electrical measuring and testing, performed by ARMEX laboratory, are registered in test logs that form Technical Report, reflecting technical condition of electrical equipment and installations at the time of testing. Technical Report, based on testing and measuring results, is one of the documents, required for commissioning of electrical systems and equipment or for their further operation.

    If you have any questions regarding ARMEX electrical measurement laboratory, please call
    +7 (495) 787-33-36