Support and Maintenance of Simplex Fire Alarm Systems

    Addressable & conventional fire alarm system from Simplex (Tyco Fire & Security) has proved to be a reliable and fault-tolerant platform for large-scale, high-rise, and distributed facilities.

    Today, Simplex fire alarm systems successfully operate at over 500 facilities throughout Russia, including Federation Tower and Mercury City Tower in Moscow City,
    RZhD (Russian Railways) administrative buildings, MEGA shopping and entertainment centers,
    MARS manufacturing facilities, Sheremetyevo airport,
    Kievskiy and Leningradskiy railway stations, etc.


    ARMEX has many years of experience in operation and maintenance of Simplex fire alarm systems. For efficient and trouble-free system operation, it is important to provide its regular and high quality maintenance. Only then one can be sure that the fire alarm will be triggered in emergency situation, and the equipment will not fail.

    Routine maintenance is provided according to the approved Instructions, and includes:

    • External inspection for visible damage
    • Functional test of all system elements including software
    • Checkout and adjustment of system settings
    • Routine cleaning of all devices and their elements from dirt and dust
    • Replacement and repair of damaged elements
    • Checking and restoring reliability of mounting and external connections
    • Checking power supply system, measuring voltage and resistance

    On-site service

    ARMEX offers comprehensive support to Simplex clients throughout Russia. Therefore, if you do not need regular maintenance services you can use our on-site service on demand.

    Our specialist would visit your site and provide fire alarm system diagnostics and fast repair. If required and agreed with the client we purchase new equipment and replace damaged parts.


    Often the system needs reprogramming and adding new devices. On the Russian market, ARMEX is among the few companies that have certified specialists and the required hardware and software for reprogramming and changing the system’s algorithm.

    Design and installation

    Sooner or later the question of fire alarm system modernization and expansion comes up. ARMEX engineers have the required experience and qualification for design, installation, maintenance and operation of SIMPLEX fire alarm system.