Technical Consulting and Audit

    ARMEX offers a full range of consulting services in design, installation, and operation of building systems. Our long experience shows that professionally done consulting helps to answer the questions of technical feasibility of the project, relevance of engineering solutions, minimization of construction costs, and operational efficiency.


    Various engineering solutions may be required depending on the client’s aims and objectives in regard to the prospective building, and its purpose. Our specialists will help to avoid mistakes properly write Terms of Reference, make correct calculation of energy consumption, and pre-estimate all energy resources.

    • Preliminary design (analysis)
    • Development of Terms of Reference
    • Recommendations regarding location of functional zones and engineering equipment rooms
    • Preparation of initial data for TR


    ARMEX specialists have years of experience in design, installation, and operation of building systems. Our experts will audit design specifications and estimates, and will help to choose the best engineering solution for your facility not only in terms of cost saving but also in the context of its further operation.

    • Analysis and evaluation of design specifications and estimates
    • Verification of conformity of design and working documents
    • Recommendations for selection and layout of equipment
    • Technical support in getting design documents approved by state authorities


    ARMEX provides technical supervision and monitoring of construction and assembly works. In the course of the works, our specialists ensure strict compliance with all technical norms and specifications, and perform continuous audit for the purpose of quality control and deadline enforcement.

    • Control of observance of design solutions and their compliance with working documents
    • Control of construction and assembly work schedule
    • Incoming construction materials and equipment quality control
    • Control of compliance to construction standards and regulations
    • Early detection of nonconformity with working and regulatory documents, and issue of instructions to construction contractor to remedy such nonconformity
    • Making defect lists and supervision of remedial works
    • Intermediate and concealed work acceptance
    • Recordkeeping (recording audit results in weekly reports and construction control log)


    At this stage ARMEX acts as an independent consultant representing the client’s interests. Our specialists will provide assistance in building systems acceptance and preparation of facility to commissioning, help to establish interaction with supervisory authorities and energy providers.

    • Supervision of pre-commissioning activities and engineering equipment tests
    • Participation in facility commissioning as a member of acceptance commission
    • Participation in audits performed by supervisory authorities and institutional inspections and commissions
    • Check of completeness of turnover documentation
    • Making agreements with energy providers
    • Development of building operation recommendations
    • Development of rules of conduct and internal regulations regarding redecoration and renovation work performed by tenants
    • Preparation of operating documentation package/li>


    It is not uncommon that at the stage of building operation there is a need for independent technical audit of building systems. Based on the task at hand, ARMEX performs comprehensive inspection of building systems, makes all sorts of measurements, and gives expert opinion, or carries out expedited audit aimed at identification of equipment failure or excessive energy consumption reasons.

    • Evaluation of building systems condition and performance
    • Instrumental measurements and identification of deviations from established norms
    • Evaluation of technical state of the building and its structural elements
    • Audit and restoration of operating documents
    • Recommendations for modernization of equipment and optimization of system operation
    • Workplace assessment
    • Energy audit and development of energy saving plan